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Administrative Office · 50 Lakeview Parkway, Suite 101 · Vernon Hills, IL 60061 · p: (847) 247-4500

Summer School

2014 Libertyville/Vernon Hills High Schools Summer School

Summer School Registration is now open online for in-District students and April 26 for out-of-District students 

     NOTE: Bridge to Freshman English has been cancelled; Technology Applications has been cancelled.

     The Consumer Management 1st session is full, however, we are offering a new and exciting summer school course:

     Personal Finance.  See the summer school course list for details.

Classes will be held at Vernon Hills High School for the 2014 summer term

Classes begin Tuesday, June 10

Webstore Registration - Select and pay for your classes.


Attendance 847-327-7231

Jane Wenzel (VHHS) 847-932-2006 (Summer School Secretary)

Diana Gratz (LHS) 847-327-7006 (Summer School Secretary)

Greg Stilling 847-932-2270 (Summer School Principal)

Jennifer Loika 847-327-7153 (Summer School Assistant Principal)

  • District 128 Summer School bus route information will be posted in May 2014.

    Bus service begins June 10th and runs through July 31.

    Please note the start time is the only time listed. We ask that for the first few days, students get out to their stop early until the bus drivers establish their “timing” on the route.

    Buses will be leaving VHHS at approximately 12:55 and will drop off in the same order as pick up.

  • DATES-
    Summer Academy dates and Essentials dates are June 10 - July 17
    Summer School 1st sesssion is June 10 - July 3
    Summer School 2nd session is July 8 - July 31
    Driver's Ed - June 10 July 24   ALL Driver's Ed students must have their permit the first day of class.
    The first three days of class all Driver's Ed students will meet 8am - 10:30am
To view or print the full summer school curriculum guide, click here.