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Our Staff


Mick Torres, Educational Technology Director, (847) 247-4506

Bob Bartnik - Network Manager, VHHS x2056
Temple Murphy - Network Manager, LHS x7044
Rob Klein - AV/Production Coordinator, LHS x 7061
Bo Warmbold - AV/Production Coordinator, VHHS x2175
Diane Skurski - Office Manager, LHS x7045 / VHHS x2008
Daniel Hernandez - Web Developer, x2082
Kate Isabelli - Technology Integration Specialist, LHS & VHHS x7041
Kurt Hinsberger - Mobile Tech Support, LHS x7046
Ben Aucutt - Desktop Specialist, VHHS x2057
Peter Rivera - Desktop Specialist, VHHS x2058
Dave Zacharko - AV Technician, VHHS x2145
William Warmbold - Desktop Specialist, LHS x7194
Eli Kelly - Desktop Specialist, LHS x7047
Lina Klein - AV Technician, LHS x7138
Gabe Wallace - Production Tech, LHSx7062
Daniel Treptow - Video Technician, LHSx7060
Sandy Martin - Video Technician, VHHS x2132
Donnalyn Warmbold - Computer Labs / Data Support Specialist, LHS x7042

Computer Labs / Data Support Specialist, LHS x7042

Help Desk - LHS x7401 / VHHS x2401

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