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Information Technology

What makes the District 128 Website unique?
Most standard web pages developed today using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) are tantamount to Word documents displayed on the web. The pages are designed with specific elements such as text, graphics, tables and formatting placed strategically on the page by the designer. Changing content on these pages requires the editor to open the web page in an HTML editor application such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver, saving the changes, and then re-posting the new pages to the site replacing the existing ones.
The new D128 website has been developed by our Web Developer, Dan Hernandez, to incorporate a programming language called PHP. PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor or simply “personal home page.” PHP is an open source, server sided scripting language that was specifically developed with the web in mind. A teacher, administrator, student or even parent who wants to put up new content or manage existing content can log directly onto the web site and create and update sections by simply typing directly onto the page or copying and pasting text. Graphics, photos or imbedded links are easily added, much like adding an attachment to an email. A separate editing application such as Dreamweaver is not required and elements of design, formatting and general webpage aesthetics remain consistent and are already programmed into the page. Content doesn’t become part of the page but is instead written to a database that is called up by the PHP code. Security and login access are managed by the District IT Department. Eventually, as the entire site is converted to PHP, surfers will be able to customize the appearance of the D128 site in their browser, create their own photo albums on our servers, manage searchable databases and a whole lot more.

In short, this design will allow for a more dynamic District 128 website. Support staff, teachers and administrators will now be able to update and manage web pages much easier, from any Internet accessible computer on the planet, in just a fraction of the time it previously required.
Our Staff / Facilities

Mick Torres, Educational Technology Director, (847) 247-4506

Bob Bartnik - Network Manager, VHHS x2056
Temple Murphy - Network Manager, LHS x7044
Rob Klein - AV/Production Coordinator, LHS x 7061
Bo Warmbold - AV/Production Coordinator, VHHS x2175
Diane Skurski - Office Manager, LHS x7045 / VHHS x2008
Dan Hernandez - Web Developer, x2082
Andrew Shaffer - Classroom Technologies, LHS x7047
Ben Aucutt - Desktop Specialist, VHHS x2057
Peter Rivera - Desktop Specialist, VHHS x2058
Dave Zacharko - AV Technician, VHHS x2145
William Warmbold - Desktop Specialist, LHS x7194
Eli Kelly - Desktop Specialist, LHS x7047
Lina Klein - AV Technician, LHS x7138
Daniel Treptow - Production Tech, LHSx7062
Iwona Awlasewicz - Video Technician, LHS x7060
Sandy Martin - Video Technician, VHHS x2132

Help Desk - LHS x7401 / VHHS x2401

District 128 Technology Policies / Procedures

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