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Update to Assessment Schedule 2014-15

Update to Assessment Schedule 2014-15


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Dear Parents and Guardians:


This letter is written to inform you of changes to required testing in the State of Illinois for the 2014-15 school year.  The PARCC assessment replaces ISAT in elementary schools and PSAE in high schools this year to fulfill state and federal accountability requirements. D128 previously shared  a schedule for testing as well as information about the new tests; please consult the Illinois State Board of Education website ( to learn more about PARCC.  This communication is intended to explain changes to the Community High School District 128 schedule for administering PARCC beginning in March, 2015 to students in certain classes.


As a result of collaborative efforts to delay PARCC implementation due to its impact on instructional time as well as logistical and readiness issues, Dr. Chris Koch, State Superintendent of Schools, offered flexibility to high schools in determining which set of PARCC assessments to administer this school year.  Previously, all high schools were required to test students in courses aligned with ELA III and Algebra II standards.  D128 took advantage of this flexibility to minimize the impact of PARCC testing on our students.  We made changes to our assessment schedule that will impact which students will be involved in PARCC testing this year and on which dates testing will occur.  


D128 will no longer include students in junior English classes and students in  Algebra II in PARCC testing.  By choosing to administer ELA I and Algebra I, testing is mainly limited to freshmen, who are involved in fewer standardized tests than students in other high school grade levels.  March 3, 2015 (previously a junior-only attendance day for ACT testing) is now also a required attendance day for all freshmen. Specific details about individual student test schedules will be mailed home in February from each school.

While this change occurs later than we would normally alter the calendar, we see several advantages:

  • Juniors will no longer take ACT, AP exams and PARCC this spring.

  • Fewer students will be involved in PARCC testing during this “pilot” year, and fewer classes with mixed enrollment will be impacted by absent students.

  • Fewer freshmen take AP exams than students in other grades.

  • Because juniors will not take the PARCC ELA test, the longest test session can  be scheduled for the ACT test date, March 3, 2015. This date was previously scheduled as a non-attendance day for students not involved in testing.

  • One date, March 17, previously scheduled for testing Algebra II students, is no longer needed as a testing date.  This saves many classes from experiencing disrupted attendance that day.


The updated schedule is posted below.  Please contact Dr. Rita Fischer, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, with questions about these changes.


Standardized Assessments: Spring 2015


Assessment Activity

March 3, 2015

ACT with Writing - Juniors

PARCC ELA I PBA - Freshmen

Junior- and Freshman-Only Attendance Day

March 10, 2015

PARCC Algebra I Performance Based Assessment

Students enrolled in Algebra I

Regular Student Attendance Day

May 4-15, 2015

AP Exams

May 18, 2015

PARCC ELA I End of Year Assessment



PARCC Algebra I End of Year Assessment

Students enrolled in Algebra I

Regular Student Attendance Day


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Rita R. Fischer