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11/20/14 - Brainerd Building Asbestos Abatement and Demolition Updates

11/20/14 - Brainerd Building Asbestos Abatement and Demolition Updates

Below you will find the most up-to-date information related to asbestos abatement and demolition of the Brainerd Building and Jackson Gym. D128 will post updates as relevant information is available. If there are no additional postings on a specific date, then there are no additional updates to share.

General Information

Asbestos containment work will begin on Thursday, Oct. 16 and is scheduled to be completed by Friday, Oct. 24.
Demolition work is scheduled to begin on Monday, Nov. 3.

Thursday, Oct. 16

A safety fence was erected around the Brainerd Building and Jackson Gym prior to beginning asbestos abatement work.
Asbestos abatement work began. 

Friday, Oct. 17

Asbestos abatement work continues, including the removal of all windows.

Wednesday, Oct. 22

The asbestos abatement at the Brainerd Building will be completed on Oct. 29 rather than the originally scheduled date of Oct. 24.

Friday, Oct. 31

To ensure that every state, local and utility requirement is met prior to the start of demolition, the District has adjusted the tentative demolition date to Monday, Nov. 17.

Nov. 7

The District continues to receive requests to remove certain items and/or materials from the Brainerd Building and Jackson Gym prior to demolition. Although we appreciate efforts to preserve pieces of both buildings, everything remaining in the buildings at this point is part of the awarded demolition and salvage bid and, as a result, is not available to be given away to citizens.

Nov. 14

Inside salvage demolition begins on Monday, Nov. 17 and will continue through the week. Building demolition is tentatively scheduled for Monday, Nov. 24.

Nov. 20

Interior demolition work will continue at the Brainerd Building through Thanksgiving. Beginning Monday, Dec. 1, demolition of the Brainerd classroom structure will begin and will last approximately 3-5 days. Following the completion of the classroom building demolition, the demolition process will begin on the Jackson Gym.