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#D128LivingtheMission: Goals for Our Students

D128 hosted its annual all-district opening day institute on Aug. 19. During the program, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Rita Fischer asked staff members to consider the question below. D128 educators expressed their aspirations for students during the meeting and later wrote and shared responses. Educator creativity, commitment, and expertise evidenced in the statements printed below indicate that our students will experience an amazing school year as teachers establish mission-based goals for them.

What is the one thing you hope that your students will achieve or be as a result of their time with you?

  • I want my students to develop an internal locus of control. I want them to realize that they are "drivers" and not "passengers" in life. Their choices dictate their paths.

  • I would like our students to become better and effective communicators and productive, contributing citizens.

  • I  hope that students develop and enhance their critical thinking skills while learning effective modes of communication to express their thoughts.

  • I would like my students to be independent, critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

  • I want my students to be thoughtful and effective communicators, speaking and writing with clarity and purpose.

  • I want my students to improve upon their process of reading, meaning thinking actively about what they're reading and under what conditions they best read. (It would be even better if they developed their enjoyment for this activity!)

  • I hope my students will find that self-fulfillment is a challenging, life-long journey and that it begins with self-awareness, curiosity, and a desire to be the best self one can be.  I hope my students realize that it takes time and effort to be introspective, and I hope that they realize that introspection is vital when it comes to living a meaningful life. Finally, I hope my students live their lives in such a way that they embrace and challenge fear when it besets them, and that they move forward confidently into each and every day with which they are blessed.

  • I would like them to have an appreciation for history and enjoy it.

  • I want them learn to have fun applying rule #9. What is rule # 9 you might ask? "Figure it out." Rule number 9 is "figure it out." I actually have 16 rules, but the rest are of little importance, and in reality, if you master rule #9 you will also master all 16 without even knowing them. I want my students to learn to use their skills and abilities to observe, learn, and apply information to a new situation. Simply put - figure it out. The only other rule worth mentioning is "have fun." If they learn to apply those two tenants, I will be very happy.

  • I hope that my students will be contributing, globally-focused members of society who use the Spanish language in everyday situations.

  • I want my students to become more apt at self evaluation and foster a passion for lifelong learning.

  • I want my students to be more self reflective individuals and improve their critical thinking skills.

  • I want to help them gain a better understanding of the potential for human expression.

  • As a result of participating my class, I would like for my students to achieve...A deeper awareness of who they are as individuals, increased options and confidence in self expression, and an enhanced ability to analyze and interact with the world around them.

  • In this world of "there's an app for that," I hope my students learn how to read through information, be able to discern what is viable and what is rubbish, in order to be able to form opinions for themselves.

  • I want them to be more conscientious of their health and fitness. I want them to understand how to make good choices and also continue to be lifelong participants in health related activities.

  • My hope is that when our students graduate from D128 they have the ability to demonstrate good communication/interpersonal skills, have a passion for the whatever they have chosen as their next step and have the tools necessary to be successful, be honest, truthful and listen to others.

  • We want our students to be able to solve problems, work well with others, apply what they have learned in our class to other situations in life, and to understand the value of hard work.  They should be able to take responsibility for their own actions and strive to always do their best rather than simply "getting by" with the bare minimum in life.

  • "Confident problem solvers."

  • As I said this morning, I want them to be able to research and write a fantastic research paper.

  • I want them to understand how the past has created the present, and our ability to create the future.

  • I want them to know the kind of work and deep thinking they are capable of.

  • I want them to be able to thoughtfully answer essay questions, analyze concepts and make connections between sometimes seemingly disconnected concepts.

  • I want them to care about and understand communities outside of their own.

  • I want them to feel invested in our political system and compelled to participate.

  • I want them to be motivated to enter a career field that will make the world a better place.

  • I want them to get to college and email me with the following words: "This is so easy!"

  • We talked about a student's ability to think critically.  With this skill, students will be able to independently problem solve using the most reliable and valid information that they have available to them.  

  • I hope my students achieve the ability to listen critically, think analytically, reason ethically, and communicate effectively.

  • I want my students to gain self confidence.

  • I want my students to be able to solve problems.

  • I hope my students learn to think critically and love learning.


  • An ability to appreciate and demonstrate creativity

  • Ideally I would hope that my students would leave class with the ability to use the knowledge they have gained in order to solve real world problems, critically assess those problems, and predict possible outcomes. I would also hope that they would learn to do this in the context of working in small groups with others of all different backgrounds and abilities.

  • I want to help students feel confident that they have the tools and resources to be successful in the future.

  • I want students to become expert noticers of the world around them.

  • I want students to gain cultural awareness and tolerance.

  • I want students to be creative thinkers and effective communicators

  • The one thing that I would like my kids to achieve in their time with me is to be confident problem solvers.

  • I would say that one goal would be to "empower" my students so that they have the confidence, knowledge, & wisdom to overcome, deal with, or accept whatever adventures their lives have in store for them in the years to come.  

  • To be proud of who they are and whatever they accomplish.  To be able to look in the mirror and know they have tried their best at everything and know they never gave up.  Finally to treat others with respect and help those who are less fortunate as them.

  • I would like my students to be effective communicators whether they are in a social, academic, or work setting.

  • To know where to get help and how to come up with appropriate strategies for managing any issue that may come up in life.

  • I hope my students have confidence that the knowledge and training they receive in the Lifeguard Training class has prepared them to meet any challenges they will face while guarding.

  • I want my students to learn how to think divergently so that they can approach the challenges they will face in their adult lives with the perspective that there is not usually ONE correct answer.  Creative problem solving and the ability to see the world in a unique way is what I hope to instill in my emerging artists

  • I would like my students to be able to think critically and apply their knowledge to new situations. I hope they can appreciate math and its significance in the world today.

  • I want my students to challenge the obvious and question the mundane and be able to formulate and defend their own interpretations of world events.

  • I truly hope that my students become critical thinkers. Not all of my students will become mathematicians or engineers, but hopefully the skills learned in my class will move forward with them for a successful future!

  • I want my students to be confident in their abilities, courageous in their choices and compassionate in their actions.

  • I want my students to become better thinkers.

  • I want my students to transfer their learning to new and unique situations and settings.

2014-15 Standards and Assessment Updates

State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Christopher Koch, is hosting a Back-to-School Webinar at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 9.  Parents are encouraged to participate to learn about statewide education initiatives. Details about the webinar and other updates are included in Dr. Koch's Welcome Back Letter to Families.

Community High School District 128 takes pride in providing quality educational opportunities for all students, as reflected in the district’s mission statement. Each school’s course offerings are designed to provide a comprehensive and challenging curriculum to meet the needs of all learners.  Courses are aligned to standards, including Common Core State Standards, Illinois Learning Standards, and research-based disciplinary and local standards. 

District 128 professional learning communities (PLCs) are comprised of course-based teams of teachers who collaborate to support continuous improvement in the design and implementation of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and feedback. PLCs meet during Wednesday late starts throughout the school year. As D128 fully implements new standards, PLCs will focus on incorporating literacy standards across disciplines, emphasizing the mathematical practices articulated in the standards, and/or designing standards-based assessments aligned to frameworks of new assessments the State of Illinois will implement in the 2014-15 school year.

Illinois State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Christopher Koch, recently shared a fact sheet explaining the background and current status of Illinois adoption of Illinois Learning Standards. Illinois is a member of the assessment development consortium named the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC). The Illinois State Board of Education released additional information related to PARCC assessment administration for the 2014-15 school year in the  PARRC Assessment Fact Sheet.

“Our students engage in relevant, academically challenging classroom experiences. Teachers encourage them to think critically and solve real-world problems. We are confident that D128 students are well-prepared to face the challenges of rigorous standards and next generation assessments,” said District Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Rita Fischer. As a feature of the PLC continual improvement process, ongoing updates to departmental standards and learning target documents will be posted below.





You can find the curriculum standards and learning targets for each course in District 128 by clicking on the corresponding department.  Each department page has a listing of the courses in that department.  These standards are updated periodically.

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