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LHS Student Council Elections - Sophomore

Sophomore Class President:

Michael Esposito: This past year, I had the privilege of serving as your representative in Student Council. This past year, I very much enjoyed attending meetings, decorating the hallways for dances, collecting food cans, serving, and passionately representing my fellow classmates. I take pride in the work that we have accomplished this year. This year, I am running for president to bring thoughtful and considerate Leadership to our Class, and Libertyville High School. As a Representative and First Class Leader, I have gained the experience and leadership skills necessary to serve as Your president. I ask for your vote, as I am experienced and ready to serve as president and ready to lead my fellow classmates to another successful year at LHS.


Lynzey Kujan: Vote Lynzey Kujan. The person who can get it done for you. Confident, honest, reliable, and action oriented.

By representing you I will base my decision on what you want to make our year better.

If I am the President I  can make your voice be heard to influence the decisions of our school.

Vote for the one who can get it done: Lynzey Kujan.


Madison Stoneman: I would like to be your Sophomore President because I really love being involved with student council this year. I was Vice President and I have learned a lot so please VOTE FOR ME if you really want to start the year off with an amazing President!!

Sophomore Class Vice President:


Duncan Millar: Most of my classmates know me pretty well, but for those of you who don't (or need assurance that I'm the right candidate), here are a few things about me. First, I have 7 years of student council experience, so I know how to deal with the jobs that a student council member has to deal with. I was also chosen by my classmates to be a First-Class leader. 

If elected, I will use the input of my classmates to make decisions, or create topics at meetings. While filling out my officer's petition, I asked some of the signers if their opinions had been asked on Student Council topics. None of them had. If elected, I will use the opinions of my classmates to create items for discussion at meetings. 

one more thing- if elected, the cubs chances of a world series title will go up 

Annie Rigali: Hi I'm Annie. Im a sophomore at LHS and I am running for Vice President. Last year I was a Freshman Representative and loved everything about it. This year, I'm ready to take on the responsibility of Vice President. Vote for Me!

Shannon Varughese: I am a Freshman and I'm involved in many different activities, such as Interact, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Speech. I want to be elected Vice President of Student Council because I want to represent our class and voice our opinions and ideas.

Sophomore Class Treasurer:


Erin Coburn: To the Great Class of 2013,

I firmly believe that I possess the necessary qualities that are essential to be a superior treasurer. Organization, dedication and persistence are just a few characteristics that I bring to the table. I am confident in my ability of handling money, as math has always been one of my best subjects. Student Council has been a part of who I am for the past 6 years, and I have held officer positions in the program three of those years.  I give you my promise that a vote for me is a vote for a dedicated individual who will do everything in their power to make the school a better place for all of us.

Charlie Payant:     My name is Charlie Payant. I am running in the elections this year to become sophomore class treasurer. In my opinion you cannot vote for someone that you do not know. I am the treasurer for the freshman class this year. I play football and run track. I am a relatively good student. I want what is best for this school. I want this job so I can help make this school a better place. I have three years of experience on student council and one as treasurer. I know what I am doing and know how to get it done. I want to make LHS a better place for you and me. And always remember, "you can trust chuck with your buck!"

Sophomore Class Secretary:


Dana Humen: I think that I would be a good candidate for student council secretary because I am organized, responsible, and committed to any projects set before me. I was a representative for student council last year, and this year I’m hoping for the extra responsibility and involvement that being secretary entails. I’d love the opportunity to get more involved with activities for our school and community. I enjoy working with others, and will dedicate my time to help our sophomore year be a great one. If elected, I would make sure to listen to any of your ideas and pass them along at meetings so that the whole sophomore class’s voice is heard. I’ll work hard and make sure not to disappoint!

Jessica White: I was a student council representative last year, and this year I'm eager to take on the extra responsibility of your sophomore student council secretary. Along with my past experience, my organization and ability to balance projects makes me a great candidate for this spot. I will be open to all ideas and suggestions of how to improve our school for the upcoming year. Vote for me and you won't be disappointed!